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Everything become simple with PinCat
From the beginning of humanity, people have tried to communicate with each other as fast as possible. Even communication via doves had security issues. Of course, nowadays networks are more complex, which leads to different security issues. Our mission is to keep and transfer data as securely as possible.
Let's start with Pentest
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by PinCat

Test your network using PinCat Pentest to find weak points. All you need to do is send us the IP address you want to test.

Find any security issues? Let's fix it.

PinCat Security System

network firewall by PinCat


Don't worry if you receive many warning messages. We can help you resolve them. Simply follow a few steps and then install our software to see the magic happen.

Other services
Secure Cloud.png

PinCat Secure Cloud

cloud service by PinCat

There is some type of information that you may want to keep as secure as possible. As a solution, we offer our secure cloud. You will have access to your data solely through the internet.

Monitoring System.png

PinCat Monitoring System

PSS will help you secure your network from the outside. It's also important to monitor the situation inside the network, which is why we offer our Monitoring System.

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