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PinCat  Security  System
PSS is the culmination of our developments.

We have utilized various types of firewalls and identified a major issue with most of them: they are static. A static firewall can only defend against the types of attacks that are included in its algorithms
How to fix it?
We are introducing our AI firewall system to you

The attackers try to find new ways to attack and bypass the firewall systems which are programmed statically. So we were included the neural network and ML algorithms into our firewall system. PSS is evolving while you read this. Firewall development speed(efficiency) increases with every new user. 

These are the type of base attacks which could  be defensed by PSS:
  • advanced port scanners

  • advanced brute-forces

  • injections

  • virus traffics

  • zero-day attacks

  • spy programs

It sounds like you have to buy the expensive network devices from us to use all features of PSS.

You can run our firewall system on Linux OS* or on MikroTik solutions*.

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